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Wig Care


Before washing your hair, it is advisable to gently brush out the tangles, from ends to roots. In a sink or basin, mix tepid water with wig shampoo and immerse wig. Gently swirl and let soak for 2 minutes. Rinse wig in cold water until all wig shampoo is removed.


Wrap your wig in a towel and gently pat out excess water. DO NOT TWIST,OR BRUSH YOUR WIG WHILE WET. DO NOT USE ANY HEATED APPLIANCES ON YOUR WIG. Gently fluff your damp wig. Allow to air dry on a wig stand.


  • NEVER USE heated appliances on your wig.
  • NEVER USE hot curling irons or a hair dryer on your wig.
  • NEVER wring out your wet wig.



1. Out of the box

When you take your new wig out of the box -- it will not look like the style you pictured in the catalogue -- it has been specially wrapped and packed to hold it's preset style. Remove the hairnet and any tissue paper. Cup your hands inside the wig at the crown and nape, and give it a good shake. This wakes up the wig fibres. For best results place your wig on a wig stand overnight. This allows your wig to breathe and loosen into its preset style more completely.

2. Preparing to wear your new wig

No matter what your hair length, we recommend a wig cap ( retainer ). This will hold all hairs securely in place under your wig. The wig cap is also useful if you have little or no hair. It will make your wig feel more secure. The wig cap can be found in our Accessories section. Short hair-Brush your hair back in the front and up on the sides - then spray with hair spray. Longer hair - Pin up your hair in flat pin curls away from the front, side, and the nape of your neck. Set pin curls. evenly all over your head, so that your wig will lay flat.

3. Putting on your new wig

Hold the wig with one hand gripping the back of the wig, at the label, and the other hand holding the centre of the front hairline. Tilt your head forward and slip on the wig from front to back. Slide the wig back until the front edge is even with your front hairline. Then use the ear tabs to adjust from side to side, restring the wig. Use the sizing adjustments to adjust the size to your comfort level. The sizing adjustments allow 1" larger or smaller.

4. The styling basics

Relax and have fun! Experiment with your style to get the look that's right for you. Trying to get every hair in place can make your style look " wiggy " Many of our styles just need a good shake and they're ready to wear. For our other styles, always use a good quality wig brush or pick comb. A regular comb or brush will stretch the wig fibres and loosen the curl. If you have chosen a wig with " styling flexibility," don't be afraid to try different looks using your wig styling brush or pick comb, To finish your style and hold it in place, use wig styling spray, if you wish to create a more textured and natural look, spray the wig with water then brush it through gently to get a modern effect. Never use regular hair spray, styling gels, and mousse - they will leave a film that attracts dirt and dust.



A tight or ringlet curly style

Give a good shake and then gently lift and separate curls with your pick comb, or style with your fingers. Do not brush.


Wavy with loose curls

Lightly brush using short lifting strokes, just enough to relax and shape your style.


A fluff style or soft curls ( especially back and sides)

With short upward strokes, lightly brush away from your face.



Lightly brush with long, even strokes, from the crown to the ends for a smooth, sleek look,
It takes it little time to get accustomed to your new style.


You may not feel quite right about it the first time you see it On. Take a few days to get used to seeing the " new you ". Walk past a mirror a few times, ask a close friend or family member to give you their opinion.