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We have a huge selection of really affordable corsets for you to choose from. So what type of corset would we recommend for you?

Steel Bone Corsets

Typically corsets were used for waist reduction and I love them for this purpose. Corsets give you a really beautiful hourglass shape by pulling your waist in and shaping it. A steel bone corset can do this for you and our steel bone corsets make your waist an average of 2" to 4" smaller. A steel bone corset takes some patience to lace up the first few times you wear it, and it's perhaps best to get a friend to help you with your corset. The few times you wear your corset, don't lace it too tightly. You should get used to it first, and lacing up with 2" reduction will allow the corset fabric to get used to being worn without putting too much strain on it. You can gradually lace your corset tighter. I can't get more reduction than 4" without making myself feel very short of breath and uncomfortable. Why is this? Because these corsets are only designed to give you 2" to 4" reduction. If you want more than that you should find a professional corsetier, who will design a corset for you which will offer greater waist reduction.

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Fashion Corset Tops

Our corset tops are fashion corset tops and should NOT be used for waist reduction - the strain on the seams will cause them to split, so please only tie your corset top comfortably. Corset tops have lots of soft plastic boning to give you a bit of extra shape exactly where you need it.They are not at all restrictive and therefore better for anyone wanting to sit down for dinner for the evening (I don't recommend sitting for long periods of time in a tighly laced steel boned corset because it's very uncomfortable!). Anyone with back problems would also benefit from these more comfortable corset tops (we do not recommend you wear a steel boned corset if you have back problems).

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Corset Outfits

Corset outfits are comprised of a fashion corset top and a cute little skirt. These corset outfits offer great value for money.

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We hope you love our range - just click on one of the categories above to see our corsets.