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Burlesque Costumes

Burlesque CostumesBurlesque costumes originated from Victorian times when ladies wore steel boned corsets, bustle skirts and dainty hats.

Burlesque performers and showgoers are mostly seen laced into fashions which are reminisce of that bygone era. The beauty of the corset is that it gives you the most gorgeously flattering feminine hourglass figure.

Your typical burlesque costume will often include evening gloves, stockings and a fascinator or mini hat. The dress code for a burlesque evening is normally formal, so you can definitely go to town on putting a gorgeous outfit together. Put on those killer heels on and wear burlesqye accessories such as retro style jewels and a lovely pair of evening gloves.

A strong influence in burlesque clothing styles is the flirty flamboyant showgirl look with many frills and founces. Have a look at the photo on the left here to see a perfect example of the old fashioned showgirl look. This is one of the many burlesque costumes that we have in stock.

Corsets are something that every woman should  wear at least once in her lifetime. They have an amazing invisible power that transforms you into a sexy vixen as soon as you put one one: once laced into one of these gorgeous pieces of fashion, your back will be pulled in an upright, lady like posture, and your cleavage will be pushed up and out into the gaze of gentlemen passers by. Oooh what a temptation you will be!

The look of a burlesque costume is often finished off with stockings, frilly retro shorts, feather bustles and ostrich feather hair bands.

If you're not an attention grabbing girl then you might want to opt for a more subtle 40s or 50s style dress, and we've got stacks of gorgeous pin up style shoes which would finish your modest burlesque outfit perfectly.

Burlesque Costumes