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Loaning Items for Photo Shoots etc

We receive a LOT of the following requests, so please read our reply here: 

Can I please have free clothing, shoes and accessories for (whatever reason)?

  • This is a business - we don't give things away. Sorry.
  • Yes we've tried the free promotion thing in the past but it cost us a lot and it brought us no benefits at all... so, sorry not even if you're going to try and promote our website.

Can I please borrow items for my photo shoot, fashion show etc? 

  • We know from our own experience that items worn in photo shoots etc are certainly not suitable for re-sale due to odours/make-up etc. It can get very hot working under camera lights and working on location!  


There are exceptions to borrowing items, so ONLY if you know us then do ask. We might be more than happy to assist, especially our lovely models who have helped us before.