If you’re one of the many people who unconsciously links burlesque to winter, we’re ready to change your mind. The association isn’t difficult to understand - after all we associate burlesque with gloves, hats and furs - all winter garments, but burlesque today is definitely an all weather pursuit.


So what’s the best way to get your summer groove on?  Traditionally, baby oil and sailor suit costumes have been key features of the summer burlesque performance but we have some other ideas to share with you:


Pastel power for summer burlesque

There is nothing that looks as good as a summer tan contrasted to a lovely pale hued costume. For redheads then yellow polka dots are both flattering and retro, for blondes, think about sun-washed shades of blue and for brunettes the sizzling reds of summer can give way to powder pink.


Peep toe burlesque shoes are summer ready

The peep toe sandal is, in itself, a very sexy item. Being able to see a little glimpse of flesh, especially with a pretty painted toenail, but for the rest to be concealed is enticing. they also offer a little bit of ventilation for hot summer feet, and burlesque is definitely sweat-inducing so we also recommend storing your sandals carefully. Put them away with shoe forms inside, but pull an old cotton sock over the form before inserting it so that it can soak up any moisture in the shoe - dabbing a little essential oil on the sock also keeps your shoes fragrant.


Mermaid your act

The mermaid meme is a big thing, and for burlesque we think it’s a fantastic tool for cool and lovely summer performances. To make it work for you, pick from the following: a big clamshell fan (keeps you cool and enhances your act) string bikini tops (super-cool and super-sexy), letting your hair down (mermaid hair is long and wet and giving your hair a spritz of cold water just before you go onstage looks authentic and helps keep you cool) chill your costume (a cold water spray can also be used to spray your costume so it clings but practise peeling it off, as it can impact how easily you can remove garments).


Families on stage - a new burlesque star


Most of us remember Kojak, the wise-cracking detective played by Telly Savalas, and now his daughter Ariana Savalas is a rising star on the international burlesque circuit. Her throaty singing style has won her a legion of fans and critics laud her burlesque performances of chart topping songs. Whether or not taken runs in families, Ariana is clearly using some of the Savalas trademarks, that gravelly voice being faintly reminiscent of her father.

Ariana Savalas