We know that for many of our http://www.loveburlesque.com customers, it is one of the two biggest days of the year - the other being Valentine’s Day. Why? Because they love the opportunity to get out there and get their burlesque on.


So we had a little think and came up with a sexy little idea to help our burlesque fans make the most of December.


Burlesque Advent Calendar

Burlesque Advent Calendar


We think it would be a wonderful to give your loved one a little burlesque gift - one for each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas and then a big gift on Christmas morning! Here’s how we think this could work:


Set up your advent board with envelopes numbered from 1-24 — plain brown envelopes have a certain sexy frisson given their history as concealing naughty material in the post! In each envelope slip a card, token or set of instructions for that day’s sexy treat. Here are a few of our top burlesque play activities for you to try out.



  1. Serenade - sing your partner a song with the lyrics changed to teasing sexy actions and do the actions as you sing
  2. Cross dress - greet your partner at the door dressed as a man (or woman) and continue to play that role throughout the evening
  3. Make-over - get your partner into a bathrobe and give them a fantastic massage before giving them a makeover and then taking them to bed
  4. Buy a selfie stick and take a photograph of yourself in sexy underwear next to a sports-car and slide the photo into the envelope for that day
  5. Greet your lover in a foreign accent and keep the game up all night. The forfeit is that if you slip out of character and he or she catches you, you must pay a sexy forfeit
  6. Dance on the kitchen table
  7. Remove his belt, or her bra, with your teeth
  8. Make a Christmas sweet necklace with unwrapped tree baubles and invite your lover to eat them using only their mouths to get the chocolate - this one gets messy so don’t wear your best corset for this advent treat
  9. Call him or her at work and whisper something saucy into the phone
  10. Strip - practice your moves and wear a lot of layers. We recommend our Mrs Claus gloves for a touch of Advent glamour!
  11. Buy a new burlesque treat and hide it in the house, then set a treasure hunt with clues to help your partner to find it.



Now you know your own lover best, so we’d leave it up to you to come up with the rest of the treats that will make your December a burlesque bonanza. Of course we can make a few hints: body painting is always a hoot, setting up a boudoir shot with you and your lover using the self-timer button on your phone can be a lot of fun, and giving them a home-made voucher to spend at an online shop like http://www.loveburlesque.com means you can both browse online to find the perfect Christmas gift, maybe over a glass of bubbly, in your best undies!