Our end of month round up includes the straight, the good and the great, and time to celebrate!


First of all, the straight - Dita Von Teese reveals her Halloween secret


Dita Von Teese

Astonishingly enough, on the one day of the year when many of us choose to reveal our inner quirks and kinks, Dita Von Teese has also been exploring her alternative side, but for her, of course, the ‘other side’ is her normalcy!  Yes, in a blonde wig and girl-next-door makeup, it seems that Dita’s been out trick-or-treating for four years in a row without being recognised.


The good and the great - burlesque founder stands as LA Mayor


Paul E. Amori might have seemed like an outside chance to become Mayor of Los Angeles, but with Donald Trump heading for the White House, who knows? As the founder of Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, he has also established a new political party called The Love Party which aims to bring love to politics. The one place we’re certain that Amori will be the front runner is in rallies, the first of which has already taken place … with 200 supporters and performances from Cirque du Soleil performers, dancers, hula hoopers and musicians who paraded through downtown LA. The event finished with a collection to be donated to local homeless veterans.


December is here …


From Christmas parties to pantos, from sizzling roast turkey to sizzling under the Christmas tree, it’s time to start thinking about your winter costuming.  As Dita has just shown us, ringing the changes can be a really refreshing experience, and we’ve found that indulging our burlesque side during Advent wins us compliments from friends and family and adoring looks from our loved ones. But of course, it all costs something. So what are our top tips for a cost-effective Christmas costume?


 1. Scour the burlesque sales - right now, for example, we have an amazing vintage style black halter dress just begging to be snapped up for your Christmas little black dress. Worn with a petticoat it’s a real vintage beauty, and yet without the net petticoat it becomes a slinky cocktail dress. This versatility means you get two dresses for one, and at a bargain price.


 2. Work the accessories - not only are stylish stockings and jewel-bright gloves the kind of styling that bring glamour to every occasion, they also help you ring the changes on a basic outfit. Consider combining coloured false eyelashes, gloves and hosiery to create a wholly new look for a dress you’ve worn before, or upscale your outfit by investing in a truly stunning choker or dramatic jewellery such as our rose and butterfly bracelet which is always a talking point!


 3. Ramp up the romance - burlesque always tips its hat to romance, so ensure you have all the little extras that make romance a realistic possibility. We like scented candles, cuddly fleece blankets and something warming to sip while wrapping the presents!