Dita Von Teese of course. Now 44 years old, the international glamour star and pretty well inventor of neo-burlesque is changing direction … and this time it’s a new development that is a real talking point. Here’s why.


Reinventing yourself through burlesque - the Dita Von Teese way


Burlesque is an eye-opener in so many ways. We can’t tell you how many shrinking violets have placed their first ‘sexy’ order through our online burlesque shop and gone on to become not only regular customers but expert proponents of the art of burlesque. It’s just as much an eye opener for their partners, as burlesque allows both people in a relationship to explore new and often very different ideas of how to behave both inside the bedroom and out. Finally, burlesque’s accepting attitude to size, age, gender, orientation, everything … makes it a place where people can learn to love both their bodies and their natural instincts. So that’s one kind of reinvention.


The other kind is the type that Dita has used, to open up and explore her own version of burlesque.  Her ‘art’ burlesque is often seen as a woman taking control and empowering herself although some people wonder if that’s all window dressing for an updated version of the old exploitative striptease. However Dita is very clear about it. “I … exhibit confidence and highlight my control of the situation.”


So, given that her latest show was a burlesque with light, in which high tech lightshows both revealed and concealed her body, what can she possible do that will reinvent her this time?


Men and burlesque


She's chosen to have a male dance troupe. Yes, for the first time, Dita will be onstage with a bunch of sexy guys rather than a gaggle of sexy gals.  Calling them The Vontourage, she’s determined to offer her audience not just a re-exploration of the highlights of her career but a completely new experience which she describes as sensual. Or, in her own words, “We all know the French maid fantasy — this is my butler fantasy.” 


It’s definitely risky, as she admits, and while we recognise her claim that the French maid fantasy can, and should be reversed into a butler fantasy, we also know that one reason the French maid costume is so popular is that it permits a kind of role play that both people in a relationship can really enjoy, and also it’s a wonderfully flattering and easy to wear outfit. In fact, so popular is this idea that you can now work out, in a Japanese gym, with a personal trainer dressed as a French maid!

Personal trainer dressed as a French maid!


We’ll be interested to observe Dita’s latest show in New York later this month, but we’re sceptical that a butler fantasy has the same power to compel an audience in the same way that her previous, all female, castings have done. Still, she constantly surprises us so we’re open to the idea of being wowed!